As a gardening center dedicated to offering extensive organic products, we were glad to hear that Advanced Nutrients has added new organic options.

One of our most popular nutrients is Bud Candy.  It flies off the shelves with satisfied growers returning for more.  

According to the press release:  

Bud Candy supplies bloom-enhancing plant extracts that increase essential oils for higher potency, better aroma, richer flavor, and sharper pigments for deeper, more pleasing colors.

  • Supplies a rich matrix of simple and complex carbohydrates for bigger fruits and flowers

  • Delivers glucose to your plants to increase and enhance terpene production

  • Provides an instant source of energy for plants to channel into floral growth and development

  • Increases your crop’s natural energy reserves–which are later tapped during ripening!

  • Feeds and nourishes beneficial microbes in the root zone—enhancing root mass and maximizing yields while optimizing trichome and essential oil production

 Bud Candy Organic OIM has successfully met measures used by the California Department of Food & Agriculture  Fertilizing Materials Inspection Program (FMIP).    Their’s is one of the most rigid safety agencies in the Nation.  The Organic Input Material (OIM) Program registers fertilizing materials to be used in organic crop and food production.

You can get your Bud Candy Organic OIM at Here We Grow.  Use this chart to ensure proper application.