Here We Grow does business locally - especially when they make products of the highest quality.

  “We are local everywhere we produce, because our products are always produced regionally by local, hard-working hands. When you purchase First Amendment Soil Company products, your soil investment will stay in your community and our soil will certainly help you grow!”

Here We Grow grows with these premium soil blends:


A LIGHT MIX with about 1/2 the Concentration of potting soil designed for seedling propagation or to sustain established clones for 1-2 weeks with extra worm castings, kelp extract and a velvet texture.


A balanced Potting Soil.
Designed to sustain established vegetative plants for 2-4 weeks; be boosted with stronger soils, compost teas or plant fertilizers or layered with stronger soils to achieve desired results.


A WICKED LIGHT blend that is 2x as concentrated as potting soil, designed to be used with plants that are greater than 12″ tall in both vegetative and bloom phases.This Mix is setting a new standard.


A fine blend that uses the Super Soil* technique, where Five Pepper Soil is 5x as concentrated as potting soil, designed to be used as a base layer, top dressing or blended with other soils.