HWG Carries Foxfarm Soils & Fertilizers: Proven Quality

 HappyFrog and other FoxFarm products are perennial favorites among cannabis growers because of their high quality, consistency and ease of use.  
Happy Frog potting soil is formulated specifically for plants grown in containers.

FoxFarm has added worm castings, guano, aged forest products and more to make sure that nutrients are readily available for your plants’ root systems.

This soil is pH adjusted and is perfect for use alongside FoxFarm’s liquid nutrient line.  

The Dirty Dozen® Starter Pack contains nine pint liquids: Kangaroots, Microbe BrewBembé, Sledge Hammer, Flowers Kiss, Boomerang, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, & Grow Big and three 6-Ounce solubles: Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, & Cha Ching.