Been awhile?

Have you ever wanted to improve the effectiveness of your grow room lighting but didn’t have a clue where to begin? A great place to start is the Plant Biology Module on Khan Academy.

This resource covers strictly scientific definitives on phototropism and photoperiodism plus the difference between long-day and short-day plants.

The site covers basic plant biology, but it is also great place to brush up if you’re a little rusty (been a while since BIO 101, right?).

Plant Bio Module

The module is taught through video lessons and text with diagrams and definitions Unfortunately, there is no interactive portion but a complete beginner can come away with a basic understanding of why
different lighting cycles may be necessary when the plants are flowering versus when they are vegetating.

The text and diagrams do a good job of explaining the vocabulary and processes by which plants grow
and the videos enhance this learning as well with a section for both phototropism and photoperiodism.

Side Note

The history of Khan Academy is as interesting as the material on the the site. Initially, Salman Khan, a hedge fund manager in Boston, tutored his cousin in Louisiana through the telephone and Yahoo Doodle,
and two years later he began using YouTube, allowing others to learn from his videos. In 2008, it became a 501c3 non profit company, with large donations from the likes of Google and the Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation. Since then it has become a first stop for learners everywhere.


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