Seeds or Clones?

How do you grow?  Seeds?  Clones?  Answering these questions most definitely depends on what you are trying to grow. 

There are pros and cons to each method.  Considerations vary by the variety.  Or, possibly, base this decision upon the amount of time you have to dedicate to your sprouts’ early days.  It may simply come down to your level of expertise, given the specie and variety you aim to grow.

Seeds offer the opportunity cultivate new or unique varieties to you.  

Clones ensure that your plants come from good stock.  And, that they are well established and more likely to survive.


Seed storing, however, is a different story.  You must control the gender of you cannabis plants while this is unnecessary for tomato, eggplant, peppers, and herbs.  Therefore, it is harder to save cannabis seeds and you should seek defeminized seeds, if getting them elsewhere.

To save seeds, allow you fruit to fully ripen.  As for herbs, allow the plants to mature into flowering.  

Remove seeds and place on a plate and allow to dry-out completely.  How you harvest seeds will vary by the plant.  Give any plant matter attached to your seeds time to decompose.  

Once you have dried your seeds, you can place your seeds in dry containers and store them in cool, lightless locations.  Label them!  Drawers, cabinets, and basement shelves work well for storing through the seasons with many types lasting years if kept in the right conditions.  


The cloning method is surprisingly similar for cannabis and tomato, eggplant, and pepper varieties.  

You want to make a clean cut using a sterile device about six inches below a node.  Hand-held pruning sheers with stainless steel curved blades are probably the best device you can use for this job.  Trim excess leaves so they don’t decompose in the water.  Place you cuttings under lights or in a sunny window and wait for hearty roots to form.

Be sure to change the water frequently or use a cloner to control water quality.  Cloners can guarantee that all (at least 99%) of your cuttings will mature into viable plants, regardless of specie or variety.

How do you Clone?
"Save money and time by growing herbs from cuttings and turn one plant into an endless supply of new ones." -


There are special considerations any cannabis cultivator must make before deciding whether to grow from seed or clone.  Below are some resources compiled from various industry pros…


What does Mother Plant mean?

"A mother plant is a plant that is grown specifically to take cuttings from to make clones. Mother plants are generally considered to be special plants with unique characteristics that gardeners want to reproduce. Cuttings taken from a mother plant will contain many or all of its mother's desired characteristics. Cuttings, or clones, from a mother plant grow much quicker than seeds." - Maximum Yield

How to take and trim a cutting

"Take cuttings from young pre-flowering plants. Once you have selected the phenotype that you desire, and are assured of its sex, keep it growing under 18-20 hours light to prevent it from entering the flowering cycle. This will be your mother plant and with good care she will provide you with an almost limitless supply of cuttings." - How to Grow Marijuana

Use cloning gel

"Make no mistake: you significantly increase your odds of a successful cloning if you use cloning gel. They are packed with vitamins and hormones designed to jump-start the development of roots. But that doesn’t mean that you should buy the first one that you see advertised. Shop around and ask other growers what has worked well for them." - Advanced Nutrients

Use cloning powder

"Make sure to dip the edge of the stem into the cloning powder shortly after you make the cut. After thoroughly coating the bottom of the stem in the powder, place the cuttings in the medium." - Advanced Nutrients

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